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Gender Equality – How well do we understand it?

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International Women’s Day is celebrated to mark the past, present and future achievements of women socially, politically and economically. Year 2010 also marks the centenary year toward IWD. Every year U.N. designates a theme to celebrate this day and the theme this year is “Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all”.

 Women need to become emotionally stronger and not wait for others to create options for them rather they create their own. Compared to men, Women are very emotional, less capable of compartmentalizing and more capable of multi-tasking. These three factors are hindering the advancement of women. How is that possible? This is how it is:

 1.    The emotional factor prohibits them from accepting the worst criticism to the best of their advantage.

2.    Inability to effectively compartmentalize, leads to bureaucratic over kill.

3.    If the former two are not dealt with properly how can the ability to multi-task be effective and efficient?

What can women do to change?

1.    Learn to balance the subjective and the objective dimensions of every aspect to be able to propel. This alone will incentivize them to excel in everything they choose to do.

2.    Learn what men know about success and play like them only to win like a woman. An interesting read by Gail Evans

Science has proven that women have the ability to multi-task better than men. If women can also bring the change in them as mentioned above, they will make the best managers. A simple example would be of a woman as a home maker who juggles many chores 24/7 like, looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning, bills and the list is endless. Many have already set an example in the business, administration and education circles. Currently the percentage of such wonder women is very less but it atleast set an example for younger generations to follow suit and contribute further towards diversification.

 According to the psychologist Kurt Lewin “behavior of an individual is a function of the personal and environmental factors, B=f(P, E)”. The art of learning to influence these two dynamics is not easy but not difficult to start and mature over time. According to Philip K. Dick “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words”. So why wait for the choices to be bestowed upon you. Create them for yourself if you believe you can make a positive influence. There is a world of wisdom inside you, look for the answers within yourself not elsewhere.

 For the opposite sex to accept the change might be difficult, but they cannot fight positivity. As a matter of fact nobody can. Your persistence and courage of conviction will lead you. Equality does not mean doing the same amount of work, earning equal paycheck, building the same amount of muscle. My mother taught me that “Irrespective of gender, EQUALITY in a proper sense is to be able to respect and accept the individual’s capacities as they are and provide options accordingly only to encourage them to evolve over time”. Rather than living on the biases of right and wrong let us live by identifying the strengths one has to offer the other. So let us think about the quality of the change than quantity. A qualitative change in the mindset will bring along quantities of quality options. The advocates of gender diversity are pressing the need for equal rights and fundamental shift in the mindsets. So let this fundamental shift in the mindset begin with yourself.